Konzerte 2016 - heute

Zum Konzertarchiv (alle Events)
Trier Online-Benefizfestival
Bleif mim Aorsch dahemm
Dein Wohnzimmer
13 Crowes
+ Stumfol & Jawknee Music
Mergener Hof
Iron Chic
+ Adult Magic & A Hurricane's Revenge
Lucky's Luke
Rock Stories
Lesung mit Christof Leim
Off With Their Heads
Lucky's Luke
Mercy Union
+ Not A Single Note
Lucky's Luke
Kali Masi
+ A Million Days
Lucky's Luke
Mobina Galore
Support: Stereokeys
Lucky's Luke
Jared Hart
Support: Emperor X & Rocky Catanese
The Lawrence Arms
exkl. DE-Konzert! Support: Irish Handcuffs
Lucky's Luke
Support: Ducking Punches (Solo) & East Ends
Lucky's Luke
13 Crowes
Support: the deadnotes + Not a Single Note
Lucky's Luke
13 Crowes
Support: Kamikaze Girls & Nervus
Tsunami Club
Exhaus Benefiz Matinee
Mit Nicholas Müller, Erica Freas, uvm.
The Shell Corporation
Supports: Shoreline, Tied to a Bear u.a.
Lucky's Luke
No Trigger
Support: Despite Everything
Lucky's Luke
Tiny Moving Parts
Support: Cold Years & Orchards
Lucky's Luke
Will Varley
Support: Séan McGowan
Lucky's Luke
Heart Ovt
und Zeki Min
Lucky's Luke
Beans on Toast
Support: Cory Call (Arliss Nancy)
Schreng Schreng & La La
Support: Jimi Berlin
13 Crowes
Supports: Panic Anchor, Mick Hargan
Trier - Miss Marples
Supports: Joe McMahon (Fullband), No Direction
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Jared Hart
Support: Travels & Trunks
Trier - Exhaus
Ducking Punches
Supports: Jeff Rowe, Columbus Was Wrong
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Christian Holden (of The Hotelier)
Support: Emperor X
Trier - Miss Marples
Arms & Hearts
Support: Oli Ng
Trier - Cheers
13 Crowes
Support: Jawknee Music
Trier - Lucky's Luke
A Hurricane's Revenge
Support: Coppersky, Marvin Go
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Chris Snelgrove & The Last Mile
Support: Citizen Tim
Trier - Miss Marples
Goodbye Fairground
Supports: The Deadnotes, Blankets
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Supports: Indecent Behavior, Brvce Willis
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Red City Radio
Supports: The Universal Indicator, Tiger Uppercut
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Zeki MIn
Trier - Miss Marples
Owls By Nature
Supports: Worst Days Down, Mike Nash
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Support: O Captain! My Captain
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Supports: A Hurricane´s Revenge, Joe McMahon, Tides
Trier - Lucky's Luke
13 Crowes
Support: Columbus Was Wrong
Trier - Exhaus
13 Crowes (acoustic)
Trier - Tante Guerilla
Support: Cory Call (Arliss Nancy)
Trier - Miss Marples
Support: Madame Hau Mich Blau
Trier - Miss Marples
Joe McMahon
Support: Joey Balls
Trier - Miss Marples
Supports: Schreng Schreng & La La, Travels & Trunks
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Beach Slang
Supports: Antillectual, East Ends
Trier - Mergener Hof
The Turbo A.C.'s
Support: The Denim Demons
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Open Air am See
Coppersky, Redensart, Acoustic Jukebox, East Ends, Andrew Cream, Arms & Hearts, Affinity Kit, Herr Berlin
Holzerather See
Billy Liar
Support: Freddy Fudd Pucker
Trier - Miss Marples
Old Flings
Supports: Spill, Chris Snelgrove Music
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Iron Chic
Supports: Tender Defender, Versus You, Homestayer
Trier - Mergener Hof
Arliss Nancy
Supports: Jawknee Music, Cold Cold Hearts
Trier - Mergener Hof
Bad Ideas
Supports: Baretta Love, The Lion And The Wolf
Trier - Exhaus
Dan Webb & The Spiders
Support: Irish Handcuffs
Trier - Lucky's Luke
Christian Steiffen
Trier - Mergener Hof

Alle vergangenen Konzerte

06.11.2019 Iron Chic (US), A Hurricane´s Revenge, Adult Magic (US) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
24.10.2019 Rock Stories mit Christof Leim Trier (TUFA)
22.09.2019 Off With Their Heads (US), The Murderburgers (SCO) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
05.06.2019 Mercy Union (US), Not A Single Note, Andy McBride (SCO) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
01.06.2019 Kali Masi (US), A Million Days Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
09.05.2019 Mobina Galore (CAN), Stereokeys Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
14.09.2018 Jared Hart (US), Emperor X, Rocky Catanese (US) Trier (TUFA)
06.08.2018 The Lawrence Arms (US), Irish Handcuffs Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
20.06.2018 Ducking Punches (solo), Andrew Paley (US) Trier (privates Gartenkonzert)
15.06.2018 Stumfol (Fullband), East Ends, Ducking Punches (solo) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
01.06.2018 13 Crowes (UK), the deadnotes, Not a Single Note Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
31.05.2018 13 Crowes (UK), Kamikaze Girls (UK), Nervus (UK) Köln (Tsunami Club)
19.95.2018 Nicholas Müller, Erica Freas, Jimi Berlin, Michael Weber Trier (Exhaus Sommerbühne / Benefiz-Matinee)
11.05.2018 The Shell Corporation (US), Tied to a Bear (US), Arms & Hearts (UK), Mixtape Saints (UK) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
01.05.2018 No Trigger (US), Despite Everything (GRC), Tiger Uppercut Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
20.04.2018 Tiny Moving Parts (US), Cold Years (UK), Orchards (UK) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
12.04.2018 Will Varley (UK), Seán McGowan (UK) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
15.03.2018 Beans on Toast (UK), Cory Call (US) Trier (TUFA)
09.03.2018 Schreng Schreng & La La, Jimi Berlin Trier (TUFA)
20.11.2017 13 Crowes (UK), Panic Anchor (UK), Mick Hargan (UK) Trier (Miss Marple´s)
18.11.2017 Coppersky (NL), Kramsky Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
30.10.2017 Jawknee Music Trier (privates Wohnzimmerkonzert)
20.10.2017 Consumed (UK), Joe McMahon (Fullband, US/DE), No Direction Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
29.09.2017 Jared Hart (US), Travels & Trunks Trier (Café Exakt, Exhaus)
24.08.2017 Ducking Punches (UK), Jeff Rowe (US), Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
26.07.2017 Christian Holden (of The Hotelier / US), Emperor X (US), Olivia W.B. (US) Trier (Miss Marple´s)
10.07.2017 Arms & Hearts (UK), Oli Ng (UK) Trier (Cheers)
27.06.2017 13 Crowes (UK), Jawknee Music Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
09.06.2017 Coppersky (NL), A Hurricane´s Revenge, Marvin Go Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
01.06.2017 Chris Snelgrove & The Last Mile (CAN), Citizen Tim Trier (Miss Marple´s)
26.05.2017 Goodbye Fairground, the deadnotes, Blankets Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
05.05.2017 Gnarwolves (UK), Indecent Behavior, Brvce Willis (UK) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
22.04.2017 Red City Radio (US), The Universal Indicator, Tiger Uppercut Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
13.04.2017 Zeki Min, East Ends Trier (Miss Marple´s)
30.03.2017 Owls By Nature (CAN), Worst Days Down (CAN), Mike Nash (CAN) Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
23.03.2017 Redensart, O Captain! My Captain Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
26.02.2017 Nothington (US), A Hurricane´s Revenge, Joe McMahon (Fullband), Tides Trier (Lucky´s Luke)
07.02.2017 Rocky Votolato (US), Perry O´Parson Trier (privates Wohnzimmerkonzert)
01.12.2016 13 Crowes (UK), Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Exhaus)
01.12.2016 13 Crowes (UK) Trier (Tante Guerilla Instore Gig)
18.11.2016 Deadends (AU), Snareset Trier (Secret Show)
10.11.2016 Make War (US), Cory Call (US) Trier (Miss Marples)
21.09.2016 Tigeryouth, Madame Hau Mich Blau Trier (Miss Marples)
14.09.2016 Joe McMahon, Joey G Balls (US) Trier (Miss Marples)
01.09.2016 Stumfol (Fullband), Schreng Schreng & La La, Travels & Trunks Trier (Lucky's Luke)
15.08.2016 Beach Slang (US), Antillectual (NL), East Ends Trier (Mergener Hof)
18.07.2016 Turbo A.C.'s (US), The Denim Demons Trier (Lucky's Luke)
11.06.2016 Open Air am Holzerather See Coppersky (UK), Redensart, Acoustic Jukebox, East Ends, Andrew Cream (UK), Arms & Hearts (UK), Affinity Kit, Herr Berlin Holzerath (See)
23.05.2016 Billy Liar (UK), Freddy Fudd Pucker (NZ) Trier (Miss Marples)
12.05.2016 Old Flings (US), Spill (US), Chris Snelgrove (CAN) Trier (Lucky's Luke)
28.04.2016 Iron Chic (US), Tender Defender (US), Versus You (LUX), Homestayer Trier (Mergener Hof)
26.04.2016 Arliss Nancy (US), Jawknee Music, Cold Cold Hearts Trier (Mergener Hof)
28.03.2016 Bad Ideas (UK), Baretta Love, The Lion And The Wolf (UK) Trier (Exhaus)
23.03.2016 Dan Webb & The Spiders (US), Irish Handcuffs Trier (Lucky's Luke)
11.03.2016 Christian Steiffen Trier (Mergener Hof)
21.01.2016 Joe McMahon (US), Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Miss Marples)
12.11.2015 Divided Heaven (US), Kinga Dula (AU), Ann Jangle (Südafrika) Trier (Miss Marples)
22.10.2015 Zeki Min, Adam Rubenstein (US) Trier (Miss Marples)
21.08.2015 ACOUSTIC KONZERT mit Schreng Schreng & La La, Janitz, O Captain! My Captain!, Dave De Bourg Holzerath (Dorfmitte)
23.06.2015 Nicolas Quirin (FR), Perfect Youth Trier (Miss Marples)
20.06.2015 SDIYG SOMMERFEST 2015 mit Jawknee Music, Stumfol, Pj Bond (US), Jimi Berlin, James Choice & The Bad Decisions (AU) Holzerath (See)
23.05.2015 SDIYG FEST VOL 2 mit Paper Arms (AUS), Timeshares (US), Resolutions, Rivershores, All Aboard, Astpai (AU) Trier (Mergener Hof)
14.04.2015 Owls By Nature (CAN), The Lion And The Wolf (UK), Worst Days Down (US) Trier (Miss Marples)
27.03.2015 Andrew Cream (Fullband, UK), Don Blake (UK), Stumfol, Complaints, Lady Ann Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
25.02.2015 Arms Aloft (US), Guerilla Poubelle (FR), The Guiness To Go Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
02.02.2015 Zeki Min, Travles & Trunks, Complaints (Acoustic Show) Trier (Miss Marples)
08.12.2014 Rob Moir (CAN), Ghost of a Chance (Acoustic Show) Trier (Miss Marples)
14.11.2014 Christian Steiffen Trier (Mergener Hof)
07.11.2014 SDIYG Fest vol. 1 mit Joyce Manor (US), Cheap Girls (US), Great Cynics (UK), Irish Handcuffs, Magret, Sleep Kit Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
31.10.2014 Stumfol, Zeki Min Trier (Mergener Hof)
10.10.2014 Arliss Nancy (US), Owls by Nature (CAN), Tom Mess, Treibgut Trier (Exhaus - Balkensaal)
21.09.2014 Signals Midwest (US), Perfect Youth (Acoustic Show) Trier (Miss Marples)
02.09.2014 The Shell Corporation (US), Modern Saints Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
18.06.2014 Leagues Apart (UK), Your Inner Durden Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
12.06.2014 Paper Arms (AUS), The Slow Death (US), Model For Monument Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
06.06.2014 Jawknee Music, Stumfol, Perfect Youth Trier (Exhaus - kl. Sommerbühne)
01.05.2014 Iron Chic (US), A Hurricane's Revenge Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
17.04.2014 Elway (US), Joe McMahon (US), Adam Bilboa (Leagues Apart/UK) Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
30.03.2014 The Scandals (US), The Uprising Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
21.11.2013 Broadcaster (US), Muncie Girls (UK) Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
29.09.2013 Timeshares (US), Antillectual (NL), Andrew Cream (UK) Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
09.09.2013 Elway (US), Magret, Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
30.08. - 31.08.2013 ROEDS-ROCK FESTIVAL Randy (SWE), Arliss Nancy (US), Timeshares (US), Antillectual (NL), Bangers (UK), PJ Bond (US), Goodbye Fairground, All Aboard, Stumfol, Disco//Oslo, Smile and Burn, Idle Class, Communicaution (Versus You/Lux), Clap Your Hands Twice, O Captain! My Captain!, Columbus was wrong, Roses öf Fuck, Matthies Holzerath (See)
24.07.2013 Andrew Cream (UK), Columbus Was Wrong Holzerath (Jugendring)
23.05.2013 The Manix (US), Your Inner Durden, Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
01.03.2013 Arliss Nancy (US), Stumfol, O Captain! My Captain! Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
12.10.2012 Elway (US), All Aboard!, Columbus Was Wrong Trier (Exhaus - kl. Exil)
31.08. - 01.09.2012 ROEDS-ROCK FESTIVAL Ann Beretta (US), Banner Pilot (US), Rantanplan, Dave Hause (US), Tim Vantol (NL), Jeff Rowe (US), Love A, Jason Welt (US), The Springfield Isotopes, A Hurricane's Revenge, Schreng Schreng & La La, O Captain! My Captain!, Foodcoma, Clap Your Hands Twice, Your Inner Durden, 95-C (FR) Holzerath (See)
12.09.2011 The Generators, Your Inner Durden, Matthies, The Slux Trier (Exhaus - Balkensaal)
19.08.2011 UMSONST UND DRAUSSEN Nothington (US), Tim Vantol (NL), Love A und Spy Kowlik Holzerath (Schulhof)